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February 2009 Newsletter


Sebastia is Waiting for Tourists

BalataRefugeeCampJenin Back in the 1999s the tour buses clogged the parking lot of Sebastia in the Northern West Bank. Not any more. This ancient Roman city, and the adjacent modern Palestinian village are victims of Israel's encapsulation of Palestinian areas though hundreds of checkpoints, barriers, and restricted roads. The tourists used to come mainly from Israeli tour companies who now steer visitors away from the West Bank, including important historical sites such as Sebastia.
The magnificent ruins are a legacy from the time of Herod when the city was a Roman metropolis, full of temples, a large hippodrome, theatre and stadium. The remains of these can still be seen in remarkably preserved condition. more

Bedouin/Negev Tour

BalataRefugeeCampJeninThis pilot tour aimed at Israelis and others who are interested in the serious plight of the Negev Bedouin who continue to have their land confiscated by the Israeli government. Within the next two months the tour will be offered on a weekly basis.
During the drive to the Negev, the guide will explain the general situation of the Negev Bedouin, and the conditions of siege that they are experiencing. This tour does NOT enter the West Bank but travels from the Tel Aviv area south to the Negev and visits the unrecognized village of Alsera where we pick up our Bedouin host. You'll then continue to the township of Kseifa for the weekly Bedouin animal market, and the reason for our early morning start. This unique experience is rarely seen by outsiders. Traders and local Bedouin haggle over the price of camels and other livestock in a lively atmosphere.
In addition to visiting the Kseifa market you'll also tour the town and learn about the issues surrounding these 'official' townships established by the Israeli government to encourage the Bedouin to leave their traditional lands. Then the group will return to Alsera for a traditional Bedouin lunch and conversation with our host. After lunch you'll tour the village and the surrounding area. more

New Day-Tour - Jerusalem - Beyond the WALL

Old City Alternative TourEvery Thursday - 5 hours

Experience the hospitality of the Halaseh Family in East Sawahreh, and tour the area of Abu Dis, Bethany, and Azariyah. These communities are caught on the 'wrong' side of Israel's Separation Barrier and are now cut off from Jerusalem.
There will be an opportunity to see the unfinished Palestinian Parliament building, Lazarus Tomb, the church at Bethany, and the Mount of Olives terminal - the only legal way for local Palestinians with permits to enter Jerusalem. Lunch will be served at the home of your guide, Tamer Halaseh. There is also an option to spend the night at the Halaseh home. More information

Message from the Director

The humanitarian situation is Gaza continues to deteriorate after the pounding it received from the Israeli military. Tourism to the strip is the last thing on the minds of most people visiting the Middle East. However it is possible to visit and witness the destruction from the Egyptian side of the border, The Israeli border crossings are closed except by special permit. Those of you who have organizational contacts in Gaza can apply for a permit, and ToursInEnglish.com is ready to help.
We continue to offer new tours even as the Occupation deepens and the expansion of settlements, the Separation Barrier, and segregated roads continues unabated. It's more important than ever for you to visit the West Bank and see for yourself the expansion of the state of Israel.
All the best,

Fred Schlomka

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