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June 2008


Palestinian Hotels

Jerusalem Claridge Hotel

Yidiot Article

Abu Ramzi and his son Ramzi are the proprietors of the family owned Jerusalem Claridge Hotel. Their easy informal style quickly helps guests become comfortable and at-home, enjoying traditional Arab hospitality and cuisine.
The hotel is nestled in a quiet residential street in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina, about halfway between the center of Jerusalem and Ramallah, with easy access by taxi or bus to both cities. This makes the hotel an ideal base for exploring the centers of Israeli and Palestinian societies, and a good starting point for tours of the West Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . More information

New Tour

. . . . . Bedouin Reality Tour - West Bank and Negev Desert

9 hours - Private tours only - This tour is serious excursion delving deep into the realities of Bedouin life today, and dispelling the romantic myths surrounding this formerly nomadic people. The links and connections between the Negev Bedouin and the West Bank Bedouin will be made clear. They are the same people, with the same struggle for dignity and liberty.
The tour travels south from Jerusalem through the West Bank, passing Bethlehem and Hebron. During the bus trip the Palestinian guide describes the condition of the Bedouin in the southern West Bank, the major issues they are facing, and the impact of the Israeli occupation on their lives. The tour will stop at a village in the South Hebron Hills, have tea with some villagers, and discuss their situation with the guide translating. In the Negev, the group will meet a Bedouin guide who will explain the general situation of the Negev Bedouin, and the conditions of siege that they are experiencing. The group will visit an 'unrecognized village' and have lunch and discussion with villagers. Then on to one of the ‘official’ Bedouin reservation townships to see the conditions there and have a discussion with residents. . . . . . . . . . . . more information

Tour Guide Profile

. . . . . Tamer Halaseh

TamerTamer lives in the Palestinian village of Sawahra on the edge of Jerusalem, one of the communities that has been cut off from the city by the Separation barrier. A graduate of Al Quds University in Jerusalem, he also has two years of study towards a law degree. Tamer has worked in the tourism and hospitality industry for many years in a variety of capacities including, project manager, tour guide, and public relations. He has lectured on the Israel/Palestine situation and is a founding member of 'Jerusalem Peacemakers', an NGO that fosters better relationships between Palestinians and Israelis. Tamer is the International Coordinator for a Palestinian Organization, Bridges for Cultural Exchange, and conducts tours for . . . More Guides profiles

New Tour Developments

The company is now developing tours for 2009 that will include a complete package of touring, briefings, accommodations, and meals. The packages are being designed to maximise the positive impact on the Palestinian economy through the use of hotels and other services based in East Jerusalem, Ramallah, Hebron, and Nablus. The tours will be limited to 15-20 people who will be able to make individual reservations. If you are planning a trip next year for yourself or a group, Contact the Director for more details.
Private tours can always be scheduled at any time with airport pick-up, flexible itineraries, and personal service. Private tour inquiries

Scheduled Tours

Tour Name

Departing from


Greater Jerusalem Jerusalem Every Monday Itinerary & Reservations
Bethlehem Jerusalem Every Tuesday Itinerary & Reservations
Nablus Jerusalem Every Wednesday Itinerary & reservations
Back Roads to Ramallah Jerusalem Every Saturday Itinerary & reservations
Hebron & Bethlehem Jerusalem Every Thursday Itinerary & reservations
Central West Bank Tel Aviv, Hertzliya & Ra'anana Every Friday Itinerary & reservations
Israel Black Panthers Jerusalem Last Friday of the month Itinerary & reservations
All scheduled tours conducted in cooperation with ICAHD, Daila, the Alternative Tourism Group, Holy Land Trust, Siraj Center and Dikkum. Palestinian and israeli tour guides conduct the tours.

Message from the Director

Palestine and Israel is experiencing an upsurge of visitors during 2008, although still not reaching the levels of the late 1990s. This develpment is of vital importance to our economy in the Holy Land. I urge all of you to encourage your friends and family to come and experience the full variety of this great land. Take advantage of fine Palestinian hospitality and spend time in the villages and cities of the West Bank. Spend your money there rather than in Israel, and feel good that you not only receive better value, but are also contributing to an economy that needs your help.
The vast majority of Israeli tour companies steer their clients towards exclusively Israeli tours, hotels, and historical sites, and discourage them from visiting Palestinian areas. Tours In English explicitly supports the Palestinian economy by bringing groups to West Bank areas, hiring Palestinian tour guides, and providing critical analysis of the Occupation while enabling our clients to enjoy the beauty and culture of Palestine. As a social enterprize, the company has developed a succesful blend of business and progressive action. Thank you for your support.

All the best,
Fred Schlomka
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