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Dear friend
Exciting things have been happening. Green Olive Tours is now a division of the Green Olive Collective Inc., a recently established organization. Staff members, tour guides and others are being invited to become Members of the Collective.
Those of you who have taken tours or otherwise support the mission of the organization will be invited later in the summer to become supporting members of the Collective.
                Read more about this organizational transformation >>

New Nazareth Tour
Join award-winning journalist Jonathan Cook on an exploration of the heart of Nazareth. Walk the ancient alleyways while learning about the impact of the Jewish State on the lives of the people who live here.
Jonathan Cook writes for the Guardian and a variety of English-language media around the Middle East. His latest book is: Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair.
                                                      Learn more about this tour > >

The Jerusalem Syndrome
by Miri
This psychiatrically recognized condition afflicts people from all religions who come to the Holy City and then transform into a reincarnation of King David, or believe they are the Messiah.                             Read More >>  
Jewish Democracy
by Fred Schlomka
Is Jewish Democracy the same as the Liberal Democracies of the West? This article explores key areas of difference.
                          Read more > >
Maronites in Israel
by Miri
Not all people in Israel are Arabs or Jews. There are many religious sects that have an ethno-religious identity. Maronite Christians have a unique history and identity that dates back to the 1st Century CE. Read more > >

A Brief History of the Israel/Palestine Conflict
by Yahav Zohar and the Green Olive team.
This basic primer is essential reading for anyone new to the issues. It's a quick read and is intended to be a starting point for further exploration. All Green Olive tour guests receive a booklet with this text, and some basic maps. The booklet will soon be available for download.  In the meanwhile you can read the essay at this link > >

2012 Writing Competition Winner
Mapping Palestine
by Alexandra Vaughan, USA
Comments from the Judge, Sarah Irving, author of the Bradt Travel guide to Palestine:
   "Alexandra balances the personal and the political deftly, and presents both the troubles that Palestine and Palestinian people face, and the beauty and optimism of Palestinian culture."
                                                           Read the winning entry > >
The 2013 Competition will be announced in May