Green Olive Tours: Newsletter - Autumn 2011
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Spring 2012

Dear friends,

Well our blizzard passed a couple of weeks ago in the Jerusalem hills, and today we are experiencing a heat wave. Typical of this country's Schizophrenic character.

Despite all the talk of war, and a bit of a downturn in tourism, We continue to grow at Green Olive Tours. Many of you have been spreading the word among friends and colleagues and I thank you for that.
Since I am writing this on International Women's Day, the newsletter is devoted to the resilient and strong women who are the backbone of the country.
All the best,
Fred Schlomka, Director

Palestinian /Israeli Women's Conference
Beit Ummar


On Saturday 11th March, over 300 women, Israeli and Palestinian, came together in a demonstration of solidarity and support, to say a resounding 'NO', to the ongoing Occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The Theme was 'Practicing Civil Disobedience'.
Over 120 Israeli women from Tel Aviv and beyond attended the event, many of them from the new civil disobedience movement, Lo Metsaytot Group (We Will Not Obey). One of the founders of the movement, Ilana Hammerman spoke passionately about the work of bringing (illegally) Palestinian children and women through the checkpoints for a day of relative freedom in Israel.
Other speakers for the day included Member of the Israeli Knesset (Balad), Haneen Zoabi, and Mrs. Ebtesam Zidan - Chair of the Palestinian Women's Struggle Committee Union. . . . Read More

Help Yasmin find a Harp
Donate Here

Yasmin Gebara is blind from birth and lives in the village of Salem, just to the east of Nablus in the middle of the West Bank. Sunita harpShe graduated college in 2010 with a major in English literature, and writes poetry in English which you can read at this link.
Yamin's father was killed by settlers in 2004 and her mother Muna has been raising six children. Despite all odds she has raised a wonderful family.
Through the cooperation of the Villages Group, an Israeli/Palestinian peace group, Fred Schlomka's wife, Sunita Staneslow, a harpist, and visiting Swiss/US harpist Park Stickney, visited the music program in Salem where Park conducted a children's workshop.
Sunita harpYasmin just loved the harp and explored the instrument by touch with Sunita's help. Sunita made a commitment to help raise funds and buy her a harp. In addition Sunita pledges to visit Salem twice a month and provide lessons.

The harp selected is the new 34-string Celtic harp made by harp-maker Peter, in his workshop at Woodsong Instruments in the Galilee.

The harp costs 10,800 shekels, approximately $2,850. Please donate what you can to help provide Yasmin with a harp.

Donations will contribute to the cost of the harp and help defray the teaching expenses.

Donate Here



Another great lady is our new BlogMistress, Miri. She has been writing weekly Blog posts for Green Olive Tours, in addition to maintaining our FaceBook Page. Here's a sampling:

What Keeps Mankind Alive
- - - - -
- Introducing Jenin's Freedom Theatre
In this article Miri draws a parallel between Bertold Brecht's early 20th Century philosophy of effecting social charge through theatre, and his modern counterparts in Jenin . . . . read more

In the Story of Shuhada Street Miri recounts the tale of the ancient heart of Hebron, torn apart and destroyed by a mere handful of Israeli Settlers supported by the IDF and the government. . . . . read more
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