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Greetings from the Green Olive Tours team! Like the region itself, we never stand still and keep on broadening the variety of our tour programme, as well as our services. This month's newsletter features some great articles and highlight's what's new.

Award for Excellence
We're a winner :-)
TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website has awarded Green Olive Tours their coveted certificate of excellence for the 3rd year in a row. 
Thanks to all of you who helped through your reviews.

Palestine Tour & Refugee Camp Experience - 17th - 21st June 2013
Have a summer experience like you never imagined. Learn about Palestinian culture. Experience the Occupation. Help out at a summer camp for the children of refugees at Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus.
You'll visit five Palestinian cities, historical and religious sites, meet Palestinians from all walks of life, and a day of learning and helping out at the camp.

Melisende - Queen of Jerusalem
by Miri
During the times of the Crusaders, Jerusalem was ruled for almost 30 years by a woman, Queen Melisende, who had to defend her position even against the men of her own family.         Read More >>  
The Adyghe - Circassians of Israel
by Miri
After their expulsion from their native Northern Caucasus, 3,7 million Circassians, who refer to themselves as Adyghe are spread all across the world. A small group of 3,000 lives in Israel. They are Muslim, but not Arab.                                   Read more > >
Returning to Jaffa
by Miri
65 years after the majority of his family was expelled from Palestine, Palestinian-American Aref Dajani returns to Jaffa, in order to see all those places his father had told him about.                                  Read more > >

Short Term Mobile Phone Rental
Are you coming to visit Palestine/Israel and need a phone or a sim card? Green Olive Tours offers you a proficient, cheap and easy service so you can stay connected.

Phones or sim cards can be delivered to your home before departure, picked up at the Tel Aviv airport, or delivered to your hotel.

More information here > >