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Due to many requests, the maps used in TIE briefings are now available to view on the website or for download.

Jerusalem Old City Map

View or download this map for an overview of Jerusalem's Old City, including location of settler homes.Map of Jerusalem\

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September 2009

Taybeh OktoberFest

Palestine guest HouseThe Taybeh Oktoberfest is two days filled with Palestinian music, culture, and of course, beer. This festival is an annual tradition that brings together visitors from abroad, Israelis, and Palestinians.

Buses are departing from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on both days of the festival. Don't miss this celebration of the possible, a time when Israelis and Palestinians come together with their families and live the future - believing that the time will come when justice and peace reigns over the land and events such as the OktoberFest will be the norm.
Old City Alternative Tour

The Taybeh Brewery, just north of Jerusalem, was established in 1995 by the Khoury family and produces fine beers on a par with the best microbreweries in Europe and the USA.

Taybeh, a Christian Palestinian village, is also famous for its handmade olive oil soap, ceramic peace lamps, and its craft cooperatives.
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Alternative Travel Center Opens in Jerusalem

Old City Alternative TourTours in English has opened an Alternative Travel Center in partnership with the Gate Cafe just inside Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Center provides information to visitors and enables us to reach a wider audience. Currently the majority of tourists enter the Old City via Jaffa Gate from West Jerusalem. The Alternative Travel Center is the first visitor facility at Damascus Gate and will hopefully become a 'first stop' for visitors looking for something different to do.
Gate Cafe Proprietor - Haithem Alami with a 500-year old olive tree at his home on the Mount of Olives.

Available at the Center are free maps of the Old City, free wireless internet, information about alternative tours, and eventually a full travel library will be available. During the next few months, daily alternative tours of the Old City willl depart from The Travel Center .

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Travel Center is the hospitality of Haitham Alami, Proprietor of the Gate Cafe, a gentleman, and a great conversationalist. More

Are Things getting better?

Palestine guest HouseThere has been a spate of media articles recently highlighting the easing of restrictions at some checkpoints in the West Bank and Showcasing in particular the increase of economic activity in Nablus. Both the New York Times and Ha'aretz in Israel have recently published articles on this topic.

However the situation on the ground is hardening as the settlements continue to grow and the segregated roads continue to be built. Fred Schlomka's recent article, 'West Bank Segregated Roads', provides more detail of recent developments. The article was originally published by the Los Angeles Jewish Observer.

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Message from the Director

It's been a hot summer. However as i write this I'm cooling off in the Samaritan village on Mount Grizim near Nablus in the Central West Bank - 940 meters (2,900 feet) above sea level with lots of breeze. I just dropped off a group of students on a special trip to Nablus with one of my Palestinian colleagues for meetings with Fatah and NGO officials.

Things have improved slightly in the West Bank lately, at least on the surface. The rules at some checkpoints have loosened up, allowing traffic and commerce to flow a little easier. The Palestinian economy continues to grow and is an indicator of what Prime Minister Netanyahu refers to as 'economic peace'.

However the murmurings on the street are far from peaceful. Underneath the veneer of seeming calm there is a tremendous sense of frustration among Palestinians. There seems to be little support for the present PA government except among some of the business and political elite. A friend in Bethlehem told me recently that there is the beginnings of a new exodus of Christians from the West Bank.

On a brighter note, The Taybeh OktoberFest is gearing up for it's best year ever. I hope to see many of you there.
All the best,

Fred Schlomka

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