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3 Days in a Village - Be embedded in a Palestinian village. Meet farmers, learn about the issues.
4 Days - Stay with a family in Bethlehem. visit 4 cities in the West Bank.
7 Days - Combination of village and family home-stay with touring to cities.
10 days - Village experience, plus touring 4 cities, plus 3 days volunteer work in village.

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Summer 2012

Dear friends,

The summer heat is upon us, and I am taking time out from a tour in Nablus to prepare this newsletter. My perch is on top of a hill overlooking the walled towns of Kalkiliya and Habla, near the Palestinian village of Khirbat al-Nabi Elias. It's Saturday, and the village is full of Israelis doing their shopping. Many shop signs are in Hebrew and Arabic, and for all appearances life is normal, Israelis and Palestinians are mingling, and the Occupation seems far away.
Yet just a couple of kilometers away the Palestinian town of Habla is surrounded by the Separation Fence, with only one exit onto a closed road which in turn only enters the walled city of Kalkiliya. Ghettos within Ghettos, just minutes from Khirbat with it's co-exisance ethos. The warehousing of Palestinians continues and the settlements keep expanding. Your help is still needed.
All the best,
Fred Schlomka, Director

2012 Travel Writing Competition - $250 Prize

travel writing competition Have you traveled to Palestine/Israel? You probably wrote some emails to friends, or posted on your FaceBook page or blog. Now's your chance to share your experiences with a wider audience, and win the $250 prize.
How to enter the 2012 competition
Full writing guidelines, terms and conditions and Prize details of our 2012 Travel Writing Competition. Read More

*New* West Jerusalem Tour

Sunita harpThis tour is designed to introduce you to life in West Jerusalem, covering the history and politics of the city in modern times, the intricacies of Israeli culture, and visiting several neighborhoods that cover much of the mosaic of Israeli Jewish society, from the ultra-orthodox, to the secular.
For the overwhelming majority of its many thousand year history Jerusalem was only the small city inside the walls.
Only around 1860 were the first houses built outside its walls and within a generation the city had more than doubled in size, with a new modern city built along the Jaffa road, catering to new European immigrants, to the city's old elites and to the influx of tourists, pilgrims and adventurers that was made possible with the advent of steamships, paved roads and the railroad.
After walking the neighborhoods, the tour stops for lunch at the Machane Yehuda market, then continues by tram to Mount Hertzl and the Holocaust Museum. . . . . . . Learn more

Review of Khalil Nakhleh’s book, 'Globalized Palestine'

Yahav Zohar succinctly summarizes Mr. Nakhleh's book that exposes the collaboration for power and profit, between Palestinian, Israeli and international elites, within a framework designed to perpetuate and further institutionalize the Occupation.
Yahav writes "Oslo, some have us have become fond of saying, is not a plan for independence but a sub-contracting of the occupation. Nakhleh now provides  the sordid details of that contract, clause by clause. Here you can find out the who and the how:  which Palestinian billionaires, PA officials, Israeli retired generals   and international aid agencies are involved in exactly which money-squeezing dependency creating project." . . . . . Read more details here.

Other Articles of Interest

Over the past few months, dozens of articles have been added to the blog by Green Olive staff and guests, covering many aspects of the cultural, historical, religious, and political life of the country.

Feminism in Muslim Societies - by Miri

An exploration of the myths and realities of the struggle for women's rights in the Muslim world . . . . read more

Passageway of Civilizations - by Yahav Zohar
Since the first humans emerged from Africa, the Levant Corridor has been a key element in the movement of peoples in the region, the blending of cultures, and the expansion of empires . . . . . read more

A Weekend in Palestine - Fred Schlomka
A personal account of a trip by Fred and his wife to visit friends and colleagues in the Northern West Bank . . . . . read more
Challenging Zionism - Eldad Brin
The Middle East is no north European Utopia. It is a thick and often dazzling ethnic and religious soup, still coming to terms with an Ottoman and European Imperialist legacy . . . . . read more
Cousins - The Muslim/Jewish Connection - Miri
These days it is way more fashionable to emphasise the distinctions and the conflicts between Judaism and Islam, as well as between its respective followers. There are however way more similarities between the two religions . . . . . read more
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